Am I right for you?

If you’re seeking someone to walk through a challenging time with you or coach you along to the next phase of your life, you want it to be the right person and the right person may not be me. 

How many of these characteristics are ones that describe you?

  • I am motivated to change – just need some help getting there.
  • I am in the preparation, action or maintenance stage of change. 
  • I want to set goals.
  • I’m willing to explore a holistic approach to my mental health: mind, body, spirit.
  • I am committed to 2-4 sessions per month.
  • I recognize that my counselor/coach can’t “fix” me. Instead, we work together as partners to achieve long-term change.
  • I like the idea of having a roadmap that my counselor and I will adjust to best fit me. 
  • I am the expert on me so I need to be open with my counselor.
  • I’m willing to keep a journal during this process.

If these statements do not resonant with you, that’s okay! You’re in a different place in life, perhaps in the precontemplation or contemplation stages listed below below. To find a different Christian counselor in the Charleston area, please visit