How do I make an appointment?


You can schedule a phone appointment here and get started with email/online counseling here.

How much is this?

A phone session is $85 and email counseling is $50.



What does “Christian Counselor” mean?

I believe we were created in God’s image, saved through faith, and the Bible is our standard for living.  I offer research based counseling techniques and operate from a Christian worldview.

So that means you’ll tell me to “pray harder”, right?

No. There’s a place for prayer, scripture, medication, counseling, support, etc. and sometimes a mixture of several techniques is needed.

I’m an atheist so I probably won’t like you.

Maybe not. Maybe you’ll be surprised.  If something you’ve read on this site resonates with you, set up an initial appointment.  Then you can decide if you like me or not.

I identify as LGBTQ and as a Christian so you’ll just judge me, right?


If I have to see a counselor, I must be “crazy”.

Not true. Unfortunately there is still stigma surrounding mental health which will hopefully change one day. Please know that our conversation is confidential and most importantly, you’re not “crazy”.

I don’t think I have a mental health diagnosis, but I feel like there’s no purpose to my life.

You do not need a mental health diagnosis to benefit from counseling and coaching.  In addition to traditional mental health counseling, I offer guidance in goal setting  and life coaching to help people examine what’s missing in their lives so they can enjoy the journey.

Do you provide addictions counseling or work with anyone younger than 18?

No, you may want to check cmhnet.net if you specifically want a Christian counselor for those concerns.

I work in ministry and would consider referring people, but I don’t know you at all.

I absolutely respect pastors or ministry leaders who want to know who I am before sending church members to me.  Please feel free to call or email me and fire away with your questions.

How often would I need to see you?

It depends on your specific concerns. You can read my thoughts on frequency here.